We PRIDE ourselves in quality service!

Serving Omaha, NE and the surrounding areas since 1987

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Custom Designed Irrigation Systems

Your new sprinkler system will be designed and installed to meet the specific needs of your property. Pride's irrigation systems distribute the appropriate amount of water where and when it's needed, keeping your lawn and landscape healthy.

Convenient and Affordable

With your budget in mind, our Pride experts will guide you to the irrigation system that will best meet your needs. Pride's residential systems are easy to operate and are designed to reduce your water usage, saving you money.

"Mary, Mary-how does your garden grow?"

My garden looks fabulous thanks to Pride.

They keep my "zones" in check and advise me

on how long I should water in the "heat" of the summer. Thanks for a well-run service!

-Jan, via Facebook


2 year warranty on residential installs. Call today!

Fast and Efficient

The professionals at PRIDE provide fast installation with high-quality products. Pride will make your grass greener while making your life easier!

Residential Irrigation Installation

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